MTN Pulse Points: How to Earn Points and How to Redeem Them

If you're a frequent MTN subscriber, you know that MTN Pulse is one of the best ways to get rewarded. But what exactly is MTN Pulse Point? And how do you earn points? We’ve got all the answers you need! Keep reading to learn how to get points, how to earn them, and how to redeem them.

MTN Pulse Points: How to Earn Points and How to Redeem Them

What is Pulse Points?

Pulse Points are the reward points you get for just buying data bundles and making calls on the MTN Pulse tariff plan. You can use the points to buy other things like data bundles or social bundles, or you can exchange them for a night browsing bundle.

Eligibility to Earn MTN Pulse Points

Do you qualify to earn Pulse Points? If you are an MTN Pulse subscriber, then yes, you do. Read on to find out how you can earn MTN Pulse Points and how you can spend them.

How To Earn Pulse Points on MTN

You can earn points by making calls or buying MTN data bundles. You can then use the points you have earned to redeem things like MTN data bundles, get social bundles, or buy MTN night data plan bundles.

How to Check How Many MTN Pulse Points You Have Earned

If you want to know how many MTN pulse points you have earned, it's easy! Here's how to check your points.

  1. Dial *406#
  2. Under the options displayed, select 7. Pulse Points.
  3. Next, on the displayed options, select 4. Pulse Points Balance.
  4. After that, your points balance details, including your points balance and expiration date, will be displayed in a pop-up box and sent to you via SMS.

How to Redeem MTN Points

The points you earn can be redeemed for a number of things, including MTN data bundles, social bundles, and more. If you’re a new subscriber, you might not know this. Anyway, here’s how to redeem your MTN points in exchange for data bundles.

  1. Dial *406#.
  2. Select "7. Pulse Points" from the options displayed.
  3. Next, select either "1. Redeem Data Bundles" or "2. Redeem Night Bundles" to redeem your pulse points for data bundles or night plan bundles.

Another way to redeem your pulse points for data bundles is to pay for the data bundles you want to purchase with them. Here's how you can do it. From the lists of payment options displayed when you want to buy data bundles on MTN, select option "2. Pulse Points" or "3. Pulse Points and Airtime" (i.e., if your pulse points or airtime are insufficient to cover the cost of the data bundle you want to purchase).

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