9mobile Night Plan & Subscription

Do you ever wish you could surf the web or watch movies without having to worry about the cost? Well, 9mobile wants to help you do just that with their new Night Plan! The 9mobile Night Plan allows you to browse the internet at low rates, watch movies from various platforms, as well as play games and listen to music.

9mobile night plan

When you subscribe to this plan, you can get 500MB of data for 50 Naira (midnight to 5am). For just 50 Naira, you can chat with your friends, watch your favourite movies on YouTube or stream shows on any streaming platform.

However, before you can subscribe to 9mobile night plan, you must first opt-in to the 9mobile MoreCliq tariff plan.

The MoreCliq tariff plan is a prepaid 9mobile package, ideal for young people, that allows you to make calls at 20–30k/sec after N25 daily usage.

MoreCliq benefits include a 9mobile night plan, an airtime bonus, and more. To migrate to 9mobile MoreCliq dial *244*1#.

How to Subscribe to the 9mobile Night Plan

To subscribe to the 9mobile night plan, simply dial *282*22# after you have migrated to 9mobile MoreCliq.

How Much Data Do You Get With the 9mobile Night Plan?

For 50 Naira, you get 500MB of data bundle, and you can subscribe as many times as you want.

Why Should You Consider Subscribing to the 9mobile Night Plan

Your data is your money, so it’s important that you make smart decisions about how you use it. One of the best ways to do that is to subscribe to the 9mobile night plan. This plan gives you all the benefits of the normal plan at a low cost. Here is why you should consider subscribing to the 9mobile night plan.

  1. 9mobile's night plan gives you 1900% more data for the same price.
  2. You can stream your favorite shows and movies without interruptions.
  3. It's the perfect way to stay connected with friends and family.
  4. You'll get access to exclusive deals and discounts.
  5. You can use your data plan on any device from midnight to 5AM.