9mobile Data Plan | Bundles | Prices | Subscription Codes

Mobile data is the lifeblood of the internet. Without it, you can’t do much of anything on your phone. But what if you don’t have enough data for the things you want to do on the web? What if you want to stream music or play online games? Maybe you want to use your phone as a hotspot for your laptop. That’s where data plans come in.

9mobile Data Plan

9Mobile is a telecommunication company that provides affordable data plans to its customers. They’re among the largest telecommunication companies in Nigeria, and they offer a wide range of data plans designed to suit everyone’s budget. Here are the 9mobile data plan options available in Nigeria.

9mobile Data Plan

Daily Data Plan

The 9mobile daily data plan includes 2GB of data usable for 3 days. This is a good option for customers who wish to use the internet on their phones, computers, or other devices on a daily basis.

Table 1. 9mobile Daily Data Plan
Data Bundles Prices Validity Subs Codes
25MB 50 Naira 1 day (24 hours) *229*3*8#
100MB 100 Naira 1 day (24 hours) *229*3*1#
650MB 200 Naira 1 day (24 hours) *229*3*2#
1GB 300 Naira 1 day (24 hours) *229*3*3#
2GB 500 Naira 3 days *229*3*4#

Weekly Data Plan

9mobile's Weekly Data Plan is a service that allows you to get 7GB of data for just 1,500 Naira every week. The plan comes with a 7-day validity period, and it's available to both new and existing customers. Here are the 9mobile weekly data plan options for you to consider.

Table 2. 9mobile Weekly Data Plan
Data Bundles Prices Validity Subs Codes
250MB 200 Naira 7 days *229*2*10#
1GB 500 Naira 7 days *229*2*1#
7GB 1,500 Naira 7 days *229*2*2#

Monthly Data Plan

For many people, the monthly data plan is the best way to save money on their mobile data. But how do you choose which plan is right for you? Here are the 9mobile monthly data plans you can choose from depending on your needs (and budget).

Table 3. 9mobile Monthly Data Plan
Data Bundles Prices Validity Subs Codes
500MB 500 Naira 30 days *229*2*12#
1.5GB 1,000 Naira 30 days *229*2*7#
2GB 1,200 Naira 30 days *229*2*25#
3GB 1,500 Naira 30 days *229*2*3#
4.5GB 2,000 Naira 30 days *229*2*8#
11GB 4,000 Naira 30 days *229*2*36#
15GB 5,000 Naira 30 days *229*2*37#
40GB 10,000 Naira 30 days *229*4*1#
75GB 15,000 Naira 30 days *229*2*4#

Here's the solution: if 1.5GB of monthly data bundle doesn't last you for 3 weeks regardless of how much time you spend online.

3 Months Data Plan

You can access the internet for three months straight with a 9mobile 90-day data plan. It's the ideal choice for anyone who needs to be online for an extended period of time, and it's also an excellent data plan for business owners.

Table 4. 9mobile 3 Months Data Plan
Data Bundles Prices Validity Subs Codes
75GB 25,000 Naira 90 days *229*5*1#

6 Months Data Plan

What if you want something a little different from your regular internet plan? At 9mobile, that is what we enjoy doing. Here are the details for the 9mobile 180-day Data Plan. More data on your phone is fun. 6 months' worth of data, up to 165GB.

Table 5. 9mobile 6 Months Data Plan
Data Bundles Prices Validity Subs Codes
165GB 50,000 Naira 180 days *229*5*2#

1 Year Data Plan

Data can make you feel like a superhero. We can’t go out and save the world, but what we can do is get a massive data plan bundles that will last us the rest of the year. The 9mobile 365-day data plan is listed below.

Table 6. 9mobile 1 Year Data Plan
Data Bundles Prices Validity Subs Codes
365GB 100,000 Naira 365 days *229*5*3#

How to Check Data Balance on 9mobile

You’ve just subscribed to a new data bundle, but you’re not sure how to check your 9mobile data balance. Here’s how to check your 9mobile data balance on any device. To check your data balance,

  1. Using the USSD code, dial *228# on your phone dialer.
  2. Using SMS, send a text message to 228 in this format: BAL to 228