How to Link NIN to 9mobile

Are you an active 9mobile subscriber? If yes, you might have noticed that the telco has been sending you SMS messages on how to link your NIN to your 9mobile line.

Have you been wondering what these messages entail, or have you ever had an issue with your 9mobile SIM card? Perhaps you were unable to make a phone call. This is a common occurrence, and it is also why linking NIN to your 9mobile SIM is required.

How to Link NIN to 9mobile

It's a good idea to learn how to link your NIN to 9mobile and fix the problem if you can't make a call with your 9mobile SIM. This blog post will help you understand how to link your NIN to 9mobile.

How to Link NIN to 9mobile

Here’s how to link NIN to 9mobile.

  • Link your NIN to 9mobile using the USSD code. To link your NIN, simply dial *200*8# and send it with the 9mobile number you want to link up with your NIN.
  • Link your NIN to 9mobile using the NIMC App. Simply follow the steps outlined below to link your NIN.
    1. Install the NIMC App.
    2. Open the app and enter your phone number and NIN.
    3. Next, navigate to and click on "Link My Numbers" on the NIMC App.
    4. At the next prompt, click the plus (+) sign in the bottom left corner.
    5. Enter your 9mobile number to which you want to link your NIN in the provided column and click next.
    6. Following that, an authentication code will be sent to the 9mobile number you provided for verification. Enter the authentication code in the provided column, and your phone number will be submitted for linking automatically.

Why You Should Link Your NIN to Your 9mobile SIM Card

In Nigeria, a NIN is required for every SIM card registration. You must link your National Identification Number (NIN) to your SIM card in order to use it for phone calls. The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) established this regulation with the goal of increasing security and reducing fraud.