The Best Way to Hide Your Number on Airtel

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to hide your number from someone?

Perhaps you don't want the person you are calling to know that it is you? Maybe you want to keep your number private? Or

perhaps you’re just not comfortable sharing your number with everyone? Whatever the reason may be,

Airtel users can now hide their numbers from the public and keep their phone numbers private by blocking the caller ID, making their calls completely anonymous. Let's start by understanding what a hidden number is.

What is a Hidden Number?

A hidden number is a number that can't be identified that appears as a private or unknown number to the person receiving the call.

For example, if you are calling with a hidden number, the person receiving the call will see your number as a private or unknown number.

In this post, I will walk you through how to hide your Airtel number and make it appear private or unknown.

What is the Code to Hide a Number on Airtel?

#13#[recipient number] is the short code to hide your Airtel number and make it private or unknown. Follow the steps below to hide your number on Airtel.

How to Hide a Number on Airtel

There is a simple way to hide your Airtel number, here is how to do it: Dial #13#[receiver phone number].

For example, you want to call a friend who has the phone number 08123456789. To hide your phone number, dial #13#08123456789.

What Happens When You Hide Your Airtel Number?

When you call someone using a hidden number, the receiver won't know who called and won't be able to call back because the hidden number will appear as a private or unknown number to the receiver.

Is it Better to Have a Hidden Number?

You may think it's better to have a hidden number for security reasons, but sometimes it's better to be upfront about your number. Here are some scenarios where it's better to have your number public.

Whether it's for safety reasons, personal reasons, or business reasons, many of us would prefer to keep our personal phone numbers under wraps. Your phone number gives away a lot of information about you, from your address to your name.

But when we start to anonymize information, be it through apps like WhatsApp, the argument quickly changes. If there isn't a way to get in touch with you, how can I sell you something?

While some may argue that these two scenarios are vastly different, there are a few reasons why having a hidden number might not be the best idea, especially when it comes to your business.