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The Airtel Data Plan has been designed to provide you with the best data experience possible.

Airtel data plan

The Airtel Data Plan gives you access to the internet at a highly affordable price and with a data bundle that suits your needs. With the Airtel Data Plan, you can enjoy the best internet experience.

Here's an overview of all of the Airtel data plans, bundles, prices, and subscription codes currently available.

01. Airtel Daily Plan

The Airtel One Day All-In Daily Data plan is one of the best data bundles you can get right now. With this data plan, you get to pay for only the data you need, and you get to pay as little as N50 for 40MB. If you need more data, you can get up to 2GB for just 500 Naira.

Airtel Daily Plan
Data Bundles Prices Validity Subs Codes
40MB 50 Naira 1 day *141*50#
100MB 100 Naira 1 day *141*100#
1GB 300 Naira 1 day *141*300#
2GB 500 Naira 1 day *141*502#
200MB 200 Naira 3 days *141*200#

02. Airtel Weekly Plan

Is your phone running out of data? Do you need to connect to the internet every time you want to watch a video or listen to music? Airtel is here to help you spend less on your data and stay connected with your friends and family all the time. With the Airtel Weekly Plan, you get 6GB of data valid for 7 days for 1,500 Naira.

Airtel Weekly Data Plan
Data Bundles Prices Validity Subs Codes
350MB 300 Naira 7 days *141*300#
1GB 500 Naira 7 days *141*502#
6GB 1,500 Naira 7 days *141*1502#
750MB 500 Naira 14 days *141*500#

03. Airtel Monthly Plan Data

Monthly plans are a great way to ensure you stay connected to friends and family, and also keep you entertained.

If you’re planning to do a lot of streaming in the coming month, you might want to consider looking for better options for your budget. Here's the Airtel monthly plan for different budgets.

Airtel Monthly Data Plan
Data Bundles Prices Validity Subs Codes
1.5GB 1,000 Naira 30 days *141*1000#
2GB 1,200 Naira 30 days *141*1200#
3GB 1,500 Naira 30 days *141*1500#
4.5GB 2,000 Naira 30 days *141*2000#
6GB 2,500 Naira 30 days *141*2500#
10GB 3,000 Naira 30 days *141*3000#
20GB 5,000 Naira 30 days *141*5000#

04. Airtel Data++ Plan

Airtel’s data++ plan is quite an exciting one. This plan allows you to buy a certain amount of data, and in addition to that, you get an additional amount of voice credit to make calls. If you’re looking for a data plan that lets you do more, this is the plan to go for.

Airtel Data++ Plan
Data Bundle Voice Credit Price Validity
300MB N600 300 Naira 7 days
750MB N1,000 500 Naira 14 days
1GB N2,000 1,000 Naira 14 days
4.5GB N4,000 2,000 Naira 30 days
15GB N10,000 5,000 Naira 30 days
30GB N20,000 10,000 Naira 30 days
50GB N35,000 15,000 Naira 30 days
75GB N45,000 20,000 Naira 30 days

Here's the solution: if 1.5GB of monthly data bundle doesn't last you for 3 weeks regardless of how much time you spend online.

To subscribe to Airtel data++, dial *154*2# and select your preferred bundle from the options displayed.

Airtel Data++ Bundle Options

05. Airtel Mega Plan

In the case of data, there is a constant need for a big bundle. Airtel has taken this to another level with their new Mega Data Plan. With Airtel Mega Data Plans, you can stream or download without worrying about your data bundle.

Airtel Mega Plan
Data Bundle Price Validity Subs Codes
30GB 8,000 Naira 30 days *141*8000#
40GB 10,000 Naira 30 days *141*10000#
75GB 15,000 Naira 30 days *141*15000#
120GB 20,000 Naira 30 days *141*20000#
240GB 30,000 Naira 30 days *141*30000#
280GB 36,000 Naira 30 days *141*36000#

06. Airtel Big Data Plan

You're in luck if you've been seeking a massive data package at a reasonable price. You will get a massive 1TB data bundle for 100,000 Naira with Airtel's big data plan valid for one year (365 days).

Airtel Big Data Plan
Data Price Validity Subs Codes
400GB 50,000 Naira 90 days *141*50000#
500GB 60,000 Naira 90 days *141*60000#
1TB (1000GB) 100,000 Naira 365 days *141*100000#

07. Airtel Social Data Bundle

If you don't have a budget for buying a data bundle but you still want to stay connected, the social bundle from Airtel is great if you want to have a social media presence without spending much. That’s why Airtel is offering the Airtel Social Media Data Bundle.

This bundle is available on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok, WhatsApp, and Opera Mini. To subscribe to Airtel Social Bundle,

  • Dial *141#
  • Select "8. Social Bundle" from the list of options displayed.
    Airtel Social Bundle Plan
  • Select "1" for all social media or select the social media to subscribe to from the displayed options.
    Airtel Social Bundle Displayed Options
  • Next, select the duration and bundle and complete the subscription.
    Airtel Social Bundle Duration

How to Check the Airtel Data Plan Bundle Balance

There’s a lot to be said about data. Data is everywhere, and it’s powering the future of the internet. But how do you find out how much data you have left on your Airtel data plan bundle? Don’t worry – it’s easy to check your data balance on Airtel. To check data,

  1. Dial *140#
  2. Next, the balance of your data bundle and its expiration date will be sent to you through SMS within a few seconds.