9mobile Data Codes for Purchasing Data Bundles

The 9mobile Data Code is a special code used to purchase data bundles for your mobile phone. You can purchase more data bundles using the 9mobile data codes.

9mobile Data Codes For Popular Data Bundles

These codes are usually available on the telecom company's website. However, I've created a list of all the 9mobile popular data codes you can use to buy a data bundle.

Here are the popular 9mobile data codes to get more data bundles and stay connected.

9mobile Data Codes For 500 Naira

For 500 naira, there are 2GB and 1GB data bundles available on the 9mobile network. The 9mobile data codes for 500 naira is *229*3*4# for 2GB data bundle valid for 3 days, *229*2*1# for 1GB of data bundle valid for 7 days, and *229*2*12# for 500MB valid for 30 days.

9mobile Data Code For 100 Naira

You want to quickly log on to the internet to check on stuff. This is where the 100 naira 9mobile data code comes in. They offer a fantastic means of getting internet access on a low budget. The 9mobile data code for 100 naira is *229*3*1# for 100MB of data bundle, valid for 1 day.

9mobile Data Plan Code For 200 Naira

This simple 9mobile data code for 200 naira will help you get 650MB and 200MB of data bundle on your 9mobile line. The 9mobile data code for 200 naira is *229*3*2# for 650MB of data bundle, valid for 1 day, and *229*2*10# for 250MB, valid for 7 days.

9mobile Data Plan Code For 50 Naira

The 9mobile data plan code for 50 naira is *229*3*8#. Simply enter the code on your phone to get a 25MB data plan valid for one day (24 hours).

9mobile Data Code For 1000 Naira

The 9mobile data code for 1000 naira is *229*2*7# for 1.5GB of data valid for 30 days. You can use this 9mobile data code to buy more data bundles for yourself.

Here's the solution: if 1.5GB of monthly data bundle doesn't last you for 3 weeks regardless of how much time you spend online.

9mobile Data Code For 1200 Naira

For 1200 Naira, the 9mobile data code is *229*2*25# for 2GB of data bundle, which is valid for one month (30-day).

9mobile Data Code For 1500 Naira

The 9mobile data code is *229*2*3# and costs 1500 naira for a 3GB data bundle valid for one month (30 days).